Malaysia Best Sommelier Championship 2023

22nd & 23rd August 2023

ParkRoyal Collection, Kuala Lumpur


Han Yew Kong               Champion

Yong Yi Ying                   1st Runner Up

Justin Ho                         2nd Runner Up


Total Candidates           16 



Roderick Wong              Chief Judge / Technical Director

Wong Yin How

Saiko Tamura-Soga

Shawn Chong

Adolphus Foo

Yap Lip Seng

The Competition was held over two days. In the Semi-Finals, the candidates were put into various task and only the “Top Three” candidates advance to the Final which was held open to public. Details of the tasks, are as per following:  



Theory Examination – 40 Multiple Choice & 32 Short Answer


White Wine Service – Candidate was informed to serve a bottle of 2014 Tyrell’s HVD Semillon. However, the table was set with red wine glasses. 


Q&A on Cocktail – Candidate was required to provide the based spirit and glassware used from a list of classic cocktails. 


Blind Tasting – Candidate was required to provide a full organoleptic description of two wines and identifying the 6 spirits – type of spirit, based ingredient and country of origin.



Cocktail and Beer Service – Guest ordered a classic Manhattan cocktail and a Weissbier for his friend. While making the Manhattan, guest at the bar request for a classic Gin Tonic.


Blind Tasting – Candidate is given two white wines and asked to provide a full organoleptic of the wines. The wine tasting was a Pinot Gris from Alsace, France and a Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige, Italy.


Dish Pairing – Candidate was then given a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice and was required to recommend which of the above two wines paired best with the dish and provide justification.


Wine List Correction – A dessert wine list was handed over to the candidate and they were asked to correct the error on the list – it could be spelling error, information. country / region etc 


Sparkling Wine and Decanting Service – Guest ordered a bottle of Crémant and a bottle of Italian red wine. Candidate was informed that they are still waiting for one more guest to arrive and at the meantime, to decant the red wine first and serve the Crémant once their guest arrive.  


Midway decanting, the guest arrive – while serving the host the Crémant to verify,  the host informed to serve two glasses of Crémant to his friends seated on another table. In the midst of serving the main table the Crémant, one of the guest inform that she doesn’t drink sparkling wine and would prefer to have the red wine instead.  

Wine Pairing Menu – Guest have pre-order 4 bottles of wines – Frappato Vittoria DOC, Sicily, Italy – Rosé de Saignée, Marne, France – Savenniéres, France – ArboisVin Jaune, Jura, France. They w.ere required to pair with dishes from a given menu and the guest requested for a seafood only pairing 

Identification Task – A series of wine label were projected on the screen and candidate were requested to provide the main grape varietal for respective label.