About Us

A non-profitable organization founded in 2009 and is the only official Sommelier Association in Malaysia.  The Association membership is open to professionals in the beverage trade, hospitality industries, and beverage education.

The association’s primary focus is to develop the knowledge and skills  of people working with hospitality, tourism, and wine businesses, by constantly being “Evolving, Enlightening and Engaging”.

We strives to network with other sommelier associations worldwide and is affiliated with renowned international sommelier associations or groups such as Association de la Sommellerie Internationale and Southeast Asia Sommelier Alliance.

Our Objective


To focus on the development of our Sommeliers’ skills and knowledge through our various programs / activities.

1.  Providing an avenue for the improvement of all aspects related to skills, wine service and knowledge.

2.  Increasing the awareness and uplifting the standards of the sommelier’s profession.

3.  Establishing and strengthening the sommelier’s profession as a pivotal and much needed role in the hospitality industry.

4.  Developing strong relations and collaboration with local distributors, trade associations, international sommelier associations, wineries, foreign wine region councils and many more.

5.  To unify and develop a strong camaraderie amongst sommeliers and members.

Affiliated Member