Malaysia Best Sommelier Championship 2022

3rd & 4th August 2022

St Giles Gardens Hotel & Residences, Kuala Lumpur


Tan Chuan Ann             Champion

Peter Teng                      1st Runner Up

Britt Ng                            2nd Runner Up


Total Candidates           8 



Teng Wee Jeh                 Chief Judge

Wong Yin How

Daisuke Kawai

Shawn Chong

The Competition was held over two rounds. In the Semi-Finals, were put into various task and only the “Top Three” candidates advance to the Final which was held open to public. Details of the tasks, are as per following:  



Theory Examination – 50 Questions (Multiple Choice & Short Answer)


White Wine Service – Candidate was informed to serve a bottle of Cotes du Rhone Blanc, however, in the wine chiller,  there was only a Crozes Hermitage Blanc and only one bottle was chilled & the balance were at room temperature. 


Q&A on Port – Provide information on the difference between a Tawny Port and Ruby Port.


Justification – Candidates were required to provide as much information on a the 2019 Domaine A et P de Villaine Bouzeron, and how he/she would sell it etc… 


Wine Pairing – Referring to the wine early, they are to suggest a pairing for an appetizer and main course.



Sparkling Wine Knowledge & Service – Guest request a French Sparkling Wine. However, there are three different sparkling – Champagne, Blanquette de Limoux and Cremant de Alsace.  Candidate was asked to explain the differences of the three sparkling wines. Candidate was then required to serve the selected sparkling wine in a professional manner.


Blind Tasting – Candidate given four white wines and asked to provide a full organoleptic of the wines. The four wines are all Riesling and with different level of sweetness. Candidate was then asked to arrange from the driest to the sweetest.


Private Wine List – candidate have to select only 5 wines from a list of private wine collection list and provide reason and justification of purchase. 


Decanting Service – Guest ordered a bottle of Viña Bosconia Reserva 2008 but in the wine chiller there was only Viña Tondonia Reserva 2008. Candidate to explain the mistake and the relevance of the two wines. 


Midway decanting, candidate was asked on why he selected that particular decanter and not the other shapre decanter. While service the wine, another guest asked the candidate what is Tempranillo known as in La Mancha.


Wine Pairing – Candidate was given a menu and asked to pair it. However, the guest request that each pairing must be from an European wine producing country, they country cannot with repeated and they do not want any French wines in the pairing.


Cocktail Service – Guest requested for a digestive cocktail. Candidate was given a menu with selections of cocktails and other beverages. Only four items are known classic digestive cocktail but only one of the cocktail have the required spirits and mise en place.


Spirits Blind Tasting – There was six glasses of spirits given to candidate and they are to identify the base spirit, its main base source and country of origin.


Identification Task – A series of logo / emblem of wine or wineries are projected on the screen and candidate are to provide the answer based on the respective related questions.